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Now you can have the taste of Restore at home! These coffee beans are exactly the same blend as those served at all Restore cafes.


Nectarine, Honey, White Chocolate

Resolute is sourced across the bean belt with a singular goal: to create a timeless classic. A meeting of minds, with quality at the forefront of each component, blended into a full-bodied and brilliant cup.


Home Compostable Bags: Our bags are TUV certified home compostable. Everything, including the valve, seal, and label, are fully compostable, suitable for placing in your compost at home.


Coffee Information

  • Country: Nicaragua, Colombia 
  • Method: Washed
  • Producer:Mierisch family, Jovenes Matambo
  • Region: Huila / Jinotega
  • Varietal: Red Catuai, Castillo
  • Elevation: 1,275-1400 masl

Restore - House Coffee Beans 250g

Price Options
One-time purchase
Coffee every week
£10.00every week until canceled
Coffee every 2 weeks
£10.00every 2 weeks until canceled
Coffee every 4 weeks
£10.00every 4 weeks until canceled
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